Invest with Values is the trusted resource for investors learning to align their money and values in ways that generate financial return along with positive social and environmental change.
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What’s it About?

It's all connected

There are a growing number of terms to describe investment opportunities and investors that seek more than just financial return. They are all deeply connected by core values and intentions for positive change.
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While the terms have distinctions (especially depending on who you ask), they exist to hold investing and investors to a higher standard to create a better world for all.

Why Invest With Values?

Make investments according to what’s important to you.
Earn a return and make a difference.
Support people and companies who share your values.
Invest in positive change, for people and the planet.
Be the best person you can be through your investing.

Ways to Align Your Money and Values

Local Banking

Invest where you live and strengthen your community. Dollar for dollar, community banks build stronger local economies and communities. Our dollars stay more local and create an economic multiplier effect, where it recirculates and benefits many people.

Local banking

Community Investing

Economic opportunity for all. There are ways to invest and lend money to organizations that provided needed financing to individuals and businesses not served by banks. Many of these organizations offer business and financial education to their borrowers, which increases everyone’s chance for success.

community investing

Sustainable & Responsible Investing

Green your portfolio – Support public companies that care about people and the planet. Larger publicly traded companies are realizing that sustainability goes beyond the short term bottom line financials. Their longer term viability requires value be placed on social along with environmental components of business.

sustainable responsible investing

Impact Investing

Empower entrepreneurs who create a better world. Purpose driven companies & social entrepreneurs. A growing number of tools, channels, and groups to help facilitate investing in private companies looking to create social and environmental returns, along with the financial benefits.

impact investing